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Delhi Public World School Madurai


School Video


Sanjay Balan (Head Boy)

( GradeVIII th)

Delhi World Public School ( DWPS) is the school that I study. It is the greatest school in my experience. It is the best school that I have ever been and also that I could feel the improvement in me is my physical and in my mental. I got the best teachers and best friends. I do also feel that my parent have chosen the best school for me. I could feel the change and performance in me , really not a lie. Even the god of heaven have given me the best school. Like everyone says god will give you only the good same like that everything happen in my life. Its a total true and also the teachers. They are not like the other school teachers they are totally different from other school teachers in one way they are like friend and other way like parents. Teachers are really encouraging and they wont give upon a student. In our DWPS , we have best student who are disciplined and well-mannered because our teachers teach respect and make student respectfull and disciplined. So I conclude as a respectful student of DWPS ( Delhi World Public School) is the Best School.

Jayashree ( Head Girl)

(Grade  VIII th)

Jayashree of Grade VIII thereby give my opinion about my school. As its name, it stands as a proud – filled, tall, educational home on the distant hills of Delhi and Madurai. As a second home it stands to me, provides me  every necessary needs such as knowledge, courage, wisdom, righteousness and so on. Near to our school we have thick green glades thereby surrounding the school like a dress, we long to wear. Well planed & to be constructed building has its own ways of classrooms, staircases, dance room etc. The Home extension teachers give , hardly we have no time to use our phones it keeps us busy with fun-filled activities and scientific questions. And thus I end up to here saying I Love the School.


R. Jahra Shalima

(Grade V th)

I like my school thanks to DWPS. I have matured and gained lots of knowledge and experience all the teachers and staff are always willing to support me and give me advice to help in grow in my own way.

I really enjoy going to school. I enjoy the activities like Sports, Art and Skating. The teachers are kind and helpful and strive to bring out the best in each one of us.


(Grade III)

  1.  I love my school very much.
  2.  Teacher’s gave me very less Home Work.
  3.  Our Teacher’s teaches us so many thing.
  4.  In school they are taking for Field Trip every month.
  5.  I like to go to school every day.
  6.  Every day Edu-sports sir teaches us Edu-sports everyday.
  7.  I like my Principal mam very much.
  8.  Our school is No.1 school in the world.
  9.  We do different activities everyday.
  10. Every one is given chance to participate in prayer.


R. Jafil Khan

(Grade III)

  1. I love my teacher.
  2. I love this school.
  3. My Teacher teaches me good things.
  4. I love martial arts.
  5. I love to play Edu sports.
  6. I love my school very much.
  7. My school is very big.
  8. I enjoy this school.
  9. I love my friends.
  10. I am Happy.

Ashvant Kishore

(Grade III)

My name is Ashvant Kishore, now I am going to tell about my School.

  1. My Teachers are my second mother in the school.
  2. My School is my second home.
  3. In the school subject are very interesting.
  4. I can understand what my Teacher’s Teach.
  5. Every month they are taking field trip.
  6. Everyday, Everything is interesting.
  7. Our Prayer is different.



(Grade III)

  1. My name is Lakshana.
  2. I Like my class Teacher.
  3. I Love my class room.
  4. I Like my school very much.
  5. I Like my English Teacher.
  6. I Like to play Edu-Sports
  7. I Like my subjects.
  8. I Like my teachers.
  9. I Like my Principal maam.
  10. My School is very big.